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If you’ve been following my hike, you know that I’ve had to skip past parts. Well, the time has come to hike the 350 or so miles that I skipped in California.

 Sunrise over the Truckee river.  Sunrise over the Truckee river.

When I got to Skykomish, I hitched into Seattle and flew down to Reno. Well in Reno it was late and all the hotels were booked. So I ended up taking an uber to Truckee and sleeping in the local park.

Now I’m hiking the section that’s been missing, the one often told to be the most scenic. 350 miles from Truckee to Bishop through the High Sierra. To say that I’m excited would be a huge understatement.

When all that is done, I hope to go back up to Skykomish in Washington and hike the 200 miles left to the border.

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