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Virginia Is For Lovers (Part 2)

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Let me begin with a short update. It’s been a while since I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2018 and I have hiked a long way since. In order to keep some chronological order, I’ve refrained from posting until I could finish writing about the AT. As a consequence of COVID-19 I lost my job and have therefore come upon a plethora of time. Since hiking isn’t available at the moment, the closest I can […]

The Things We Carry

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When I was young I used to collect sticks. At one point I had acquired a sizeable collection. The sticks would be carried around in a case or put in corners and behind doors. I believed them to be of importance. They were of course, in a sense, important to me. Eventually, the interest waned when I grew a little older and the collecting turned into more elaborate things, such as Pokémon cards and figurines […]