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Petition to Reroute the AT Around Pennsylvania

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I want to begin this post with a comment to anyone who happens to live in the state of Pennsylvania: I’m sorry. I speak only of what I experienced on the trail in the state, but based on what I’ve seen, I’m sorry. Also, if you didn’t get it, this is not a real petition. I feel like I need to mention that to avoid some sort of lawsuit. Okay, so let’s get into it. […]

Connecticut, In The Blink Of An Eye

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Day: 53-55 (08/20-08/22) Miles: 51 The Appalachian Trail goes through Connecticut for about 50 miles. It is not a long state, so this will either be a very detailed or a very short post. I’m struggling to remember what even happened for the 3 days I was in the state. So naturally you can expect a very high quality blog post. The first day I crossed over from Massachusetts into Connecticut and immediately climbed a […]