Washington, White Pass To Skykomish

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Exiting the Goat Rocks, we soon arrived at White Pass. A gas station without much, but a lot of what you need. We picked up resupply boxes and stayed the night.

 What a hiker lunch break looks like.  What a hiker lunch break looks like.

As I wrote in a previous post, we had to turn around due to a forest fire.

 Simba and Pingaling looking out over the raging Norse Peak fire.  Simba and Pingaling looking out over the raging Norse Peak fire.

Instead of hiking, because of the fire, it became a day of hitching. With six different rides, me, Simba and Pingaling eventually made it to Snoqualmie, 60 trail-miles ahead of where we got our first ride. Despite the lack of walking, it was a day of adventure, dogs and wonderful people.

 Favorite kind of hitch.  Favorite kind of hitch.

In the afternoon the next day, I left Snoqualmie, heading up into the mountains, with Skykomish being the next stop.

The section between Snoqualmie and Skykomish goes through the stunning Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Walking up and down steep mountains, each pass, every turn provided a spectacular new view of dramatic mountains, enveloped in clouds. Clear blue, alpine lakes shimmered beneath them.

Spellbound by all the beauty, I walked into Stevens Pass a few days later. Only about 200 miles from Canada. From there I got a ride into the small, charming town of Skykomish. Here ends my hike in Washington for now.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain.


  1. looking spectacular again, I can imagine the beauty of it all xxxxxx it must be fantastic in real life


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