Mosquitoes From Hell

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 You can't see them. But they are there. They always are.  You can’t see them. But they are there. They always are.

You know mosquitoes. Regular ones that is. The annoying little things. Sure, that’s bad and all. But this, this is something else. Oregon has mosquitoes spawned from the lowest level of hell. And I was apparently born with very tasty blood.

You might be thinking “how bad could it be”. BAD. VERY, VERY BAD. I started Oregon with natural bug spray, afraid of putting the bad stuff on my body. Well, I’ve changed my mind. Give me ALL the poison.

At any given point in time, there will be at least 15 little beasts on my legs. That’s on a good day. They try to enter your ears and eat their way to your brain. If that doesn’t make one insane, the constant buzzing will.

In the evenings, I play a fun game of “how quickly can I enter my tent and let the least amount of bloodsuckers in”. I lose every time.  So I spend valuable time violently swinging my arms at an army of winged vampire bugs.

There. That’s Oregon for you.

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