Oregon – Part 1

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So. I’ve finished the state of Oregon. Mile 1689 to 2144. Day 97 to 122. Here’s a summary of that. Split in three parts.

 Weird sperm-looking plants.  Weird sperm-looking plants.

My first day in Oregon was one of the best so far. I started it out with getting soda from a trail magic cooler. Basically the entire day was filled with trail magic. I guess I enjoy free food. Oh well.

Throughout the day I was high on the thought of entering a new state.  At night I went to camp at Ashland Campground. It was taken over by trail runners because of a race being held there. I was furious (not really). They gave me a peach and we instantly became friends. Fruit made me so happy that I took a picture of it.

 Clean peach in dirty hand. It's a work of art. That's it's name. Clean peach in dirty hand. It’s a work of art. That’s it’s name.

I left the campground and walked for a while to a campsite. It was taken. Thinking that I would never find a place to camp, the family who occupied the campsite invited me to join their fire and s’mores making.

The day after that I arrived to Ashland, a smallish city with everything and more. I stayed with a kind trail angel by the name of Patrick. He offered me a clean bed, a shower and laundry. It’s all a hikers dreams come true.

 This is Patrick's backyard.  This is Patrick’s backyard.

In Oregon the trail passes several volcanoes. It lingers around the lava rocks and stays pretty flat, which is nice for a change.

The next stop after Ashland is Mazama village. It’s a resort/campground in Crater Lake National Park. The owners let hikers stay in the forest where no one can see or smell us. Quite a few of us gathered there and, as you can see, we’re not a shy bunch.

 The Mazama Massage Train. The Mazama Massage Train.

Here is Crater Lake, prepare to be blown away. (Because Crater Lake was a volcano that erupted. Get it? Get it??) . The trail around the rim is not on the official PCT. But everyone takes it. Because, duh:

So that is part one of Oregon. Except for Crater Lake, it wasn’t extraordinary. Mostly dry forest, without any interesting views. But hey, isn’t that just life sometimes? Everything can’t be stunning. We’d never be curious to see what’s around the corner.

I’ve seen what’s around the corner further up in Oregon, and boy, is it good.

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  1. Hej best nick. I love reading your stories. Cant wait to see you and hear them live ❤❤❤


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