My Trail Family

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There are a lot of people on the trail. Some of these people are bound to become your friends. Whether you like it or not. Thankfully I’ve managed to collect a strange but wonderful group of people. They’re like family. my Trail Family. Let me introduce:

 Hiding behind the 500 mile marker.  Hiding behind the 500 mile marker.

Hummingbird. A vegan-mayo-addicted professional hummer who spreads a lot of joy. Sings really well. Takes naps in the dirt. Is secretly very smart. Possesses the ability to fall over while standing still on flat ground.

 Hotel in Big Bear. Hotel in Big Bear.

Prince. A danish, glorious, man-bun-bearing walking machine. Carries way too much candy. Likes to play golf for some reason. Has an obsession with shoes, to the point where he named his instagram after them. Tells hour long jokes. That no one gets. But we love him anyway.

 Fishing for water.  Fishing for water.

Simba: A sick/gnarly/rad dude. Snowboards a lot. Master in the art of Dad-Jokes. Will teach you important lessons on life. Is carrying two analogue cameras (TWO. People, do you know how much weight that is???). Think of a cool thing/place. Simba will know a person who invented it/lives there.

 Trail magic oranges.  Trail magic oranges.

Snorkel: A seasoned cowboy camper. Will sprint up a hill to catch a good sunset. Hiked all 800 miles of the Arizona trail. All desert. So much sand. Has a truly kind heart. 5 out of 5 stars.

Daddy: A trail magic magnet with intensely sparkling eyes.  Happily steals candy from younger hikers. Mountain-ass-sliding champion. Watches over the family. Is engaged to Blackbird. Has conditioned hair at all times.

Blackbird (in blue): A beautiful soul with a glow that raises the question: Did she shower? Is a 4am trail naming genius together with Daddy. Hard to find if lost since she doesn’t respond to her own name.

Lone Wolf (in black): Sailed around the world (is cooler than any of us). Wakes up horribly early. Will kill for a good cinnamon bun. Sometimes we don’t see her for days because she’s ahead. Has the hands of an old person. Benjamin Button Hand Syndrome.

So that’s my current Trail Family. The thing is that the families can change a lot. People have to take breaks of trail, someone goes a bit slower or faster than others. Right now, only three family members are with me. I’m hoping for a reunion soon though.  Either way, these people all have a special place in my heart.

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