Oregon – Part 3

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So, the fires in Oregon forced us to get a ride to Olallie Lake. Well there, me and Simba rented a row boat and went out on the lake for sunrise.

Some lovely people had arranged a trail magic operation, with everything you could imagine. That definitely set us back.

 Simba the fisherman.  Simba the fisherman.

The next day we got to Timothy Lake. Once again there was a trail magic operation, this one with beautiful horses! We didn’t stay long though, since we had made plans to meet Simba’s friend Logan by the lake.

 Simba the horse whisperer.  Simba the horse whisperer.

The section between Timothy Lake and Cascade Locks I hiked with Simba, Logan and Bananas.

 The forest is a dangerous place.  The forest is a dangerous place.

We hitched a ride into the town of Government Camp. Simba and Logan have worked here at a snowboard camp a few years back. So they knew people in the area. This ended up getting us free hot dogs and a place to stay for the night.

 Simba eating cobra dogs.  Simba eating cobra dogs.

We got back to trail and walked the amazing 10 miles to Timberline Lodge, a ski resort at the side of Mt. Hood.  After we had dinner there, the weather turned into storm. So Simba asked his friend in Government Camp if we could stay there. Not long after, he came and picked us up and we stayed in the snowboard camp lodge.

In the morning after, we took the bus back up to Timberline and endulged in the famous breakfast buffet. After a several hour long food coma, we headed out.

 Majestic Mt. Hood.   Majestic Mt. Hood.

Through gloomy mountains we walked, awestruck by the dramatic rock formations and the deep green pines. The Pacific Northwest finally showed all of its colors and contrasts. How we’ve waited.

This is where we take in everything around us, where we go silent in lack of things to say. This is where the wilderness speaks to us. All we need do, is listen.

 Simba and Bananas.  Simba and Bananas.

 Mt. Hood waving us goodbye one last time.  Mt. Hood waving us goodbye one last time.

On our last evening on trail in Oregon, we cowboy camped overlooking Mt. Adams, Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Rainier. All of which are Hood-esque volcanoes.

With a lot of joy and some sadness, I walked into Cascade Locks. The last town of Oregon. Right by the Colombia river and The Bridge Of the Gods, the gateway to Washington. Our final state.

The first thing that happened in Cascade Locks was that these lovely people offered to buy me lunch. As a very hungry hiker, I couldn’t refuse.

 The wonderful Jeff and Rosie.  The wonderful Jeff and Rosie.

Me and Simba went to Portland for a few days where we stayed at Logan’s place.

Well back in Cascade Locks, PCT days was going on. A festival dedicated to the trail and the community. We stayed for a day and a half.

In the afternoon I crossed the bridge. In itself, it’s a cool bridge. But for those who hike the trail, this bridge signifies a monumental moment, paralleled by only a few others. It’s a milestone that bring most of us to tears. Because we’ve gotten so far. It’s almost over. And that is infinitely beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

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