Mosquitoes From Hell

You can’t see them. But they are there. They always are. You know mosquitoes. Regular ones that is. The annoying little things. Sure, that’s bad and all. But this, this is something else. Oregon has mosquitoes spawned from the lowest level of hell. And I was apparently born with very tasty blood. You might be… Read More

Food On The PCT

What does one eat that ticks all the boxes? Lightweight, calorie dense, cheap, bearable taste. The answer depends on who you are, but there is usually a lot of compromise involved. Firstly, drop the concept of having three actual meals a day. Most people have dinner and some sort of snack for breakfast and lunch.… Read More

Reunions and Goodbyes

Like I’ve mentioned before, there are some amazing people on the PCT. And they come and go. Just like they sometimes do in real life. A lot has recently changed in my “Trail family”. After several weeks of not seeing Simba or Snorkel, they finally caught up to me at the Burney mountain guest ranch!… Read More

Flip Flop Blues

It’s been almost two weeks since I and the others flipped up to Northern California, to avoid the snow and creeks in The Sierra. That was the right decision for safety, I’m aware of that. But to be honest, it was not the right decision for pride. Ever since I skipped almost four hundred miles,… Read More

Flippity Flop

So there is a lot of snow in the Sierra this year. Like a lot a lot. Record breaking even. This means several things. Firstly, the mountains are beautifully white. Secondly, it makes walking slower and more strenuous. Lastly, and most importantly, it means that the snow melt turns small creaks into whitewater rivers. Rivers… Read More

The High Sierra

We say goodbye to Kennedy Meadows, Hummingbird and Snorkel. Prince and Lone Wolf haven’t arrived yet. It’s time to enter the High Sierra. Me, Simon, Daddy and Blackbird leaving KM. The meadows I’ve been waiting for. A nice change from the brown/grey desert. We are hit by snow and rain only two days in. Because… Read More